Sometimes I find it very hard to pick a book that I feel like reading. This isn't Because there is a dearth of good books. After all, we're lucky to live in a time when so many books are available. As well, I am still training my brain to relax enough so that I can enjoy quiet reading time.

Recently, I return to my childhood favourite, Magician, by Raymond E Feist. I believe this was the first epic fantasy that I read.I was pleasantly surprised that it held up so well compared to my memories. The writing is engrossing, Even though it took me a little while to get used to the head hopping third person perspective. I hadn't realised how much time is spent with characters other than Pug, our great magician to be. The world clearly borrows from Lord of the rings and (as goes with writing)  I can see this story has itself been used as Inspiration for later writers.

As I suppose matches the time when it was written, the female characters were a little disappointing. I guess I am just one of those who is happy to include women you wouldn't want to mess with. What's a little deviation from historical norms when you have dragons, elves, dwarves  and invaders from a different planet? I say this is not to condemn the book, but to remind myself of my duty to my readers.

The other thing I noticed was how most of the characters were not complex. By this I don't mean they felt unreal or poorly written. Instead it is to say that this is a positive novel—the characters faults are usually hand in hand with a virtue, an aspect of their background than any fighting of internal demons. There is a sweetness to this novel that is not common in present day writing, or at least not that I have written recently.

I'm very torn on what to read next. I feel the call of Daughter of the Empire, but also a reread of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden novels. Decisions, decisions...

- R Max Tillsley