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R Max Tillsley grew up loving stories filled with adventure and monsters. Sadly, the mess on his bedroom floor never attracted a single tentacled beast—though a shark’s jaw once bit him. One day, he found himself sitting a Parisian cafe. Surrounded by a city full of famous art and beautiful buildings, he decided to write… about the undead. His fondest childhood memories are of watching Doctor Who on Saturday afternoons and David Attenborough documentaries on Saturday evenings. He lives in Australia with his wife, daughter, and two grumpy cats.

His upcoming releases include Rebyrth, a YA science fiction that will excite fans of Stranger Things, The Terminator and The Invasion of the Body Snatchers; and My Dad, The Assassin, a middle grade urban fantasy full of intrigue, magic and ghosts.

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4 March 2019

Podcast Interview on Alive After Reading

R Max Tillsley has been interviewed by fellow author Tim Niederriter on the 99th episode of the podcast, Alive After Reading. They discuss elements of writing as well as a few good books.

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