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7 October

R Max Tillsley ran a stall at the Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair. It was a great experience, and he’s keen to do more.

20 September

Contact This! and Storming Area 51 are out now! People are loving the collections.

10 September

Pre-orders are up for two science fiction anthologies featuring stories from R Max. Check out Contact This! and Storming Area 51.

13 August

Fulham Gardens school visit. R Max will be teaching writing workshops and giving author readings.

20 June

R Max’s science fiction short story, Replication’ has been accepted for the upcoming Bayonet Books anthology: Contact This!

13 June

The Steele Trap cover and release date have been revealed.

1 June

The new cover for The Last Cruise Ship is live.

8 May
The Steel Trap is manuscript complete, release due soon. Rebyrth receiving proof edit. The Last Cruise Ship new cover is imminent.

21 March
The Steele Trap and Rebyrth have both returned from their editors. R Max is hard at work polishing the manuscripts.

Rebyrth is off to the editor. The aim is for an April or May launch.

You can now read a sample of The Las Cruise Ship on your preferred reader. Check it out here.

Guide to dialogue and tagging speakers.

New Rebyrth episodes released on audio.

Publisher of books, ebooks and audiobooks

Short Stories

These two fantastic anthologies feature short stories by R Max Tillsley. In Replication, R Max has an agent investigating claims of an alien artefact. He knows it’s fake. They always are. Except when they aren’t. You’ll find it in Contact This!. Crickey has an Australian partying at an Area 51 event when a series of blasts direct the crowd toward a military base. It’s part of a massive set of 35 stories crammed into Storming Area 51. Order your copies now!

New Release!

The Steele Trap




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