R Max Tillsley


The Last Cruise Ship is R Max Tillsley's debut novel. He has multiple projects coming in 2019.

I love thinking about ‘what-ifs’. What if society collapsed; what if magic was real; what if we could travel to the stars?
Why? Sometimes we just need a break from the problems of our own world, a chance to recharge. I believe that is what adventure is about, and that’s what I write.
— R Max Tillsley


R Max Tillsley loves trying new things. He has made a medieval sword using a Victorian furnace, brigandine and is slowly making maille as his patience allows. He enjoys long sword fencing, Minecraft and spending time with both his furless and furred family.


Science fiction and fantasy have always been a source of entertainment and exploration in R Max Tillsley's life. He searched for every possible genre novel from his high school and local library as a child and loved throwing money at bookstores whenever able. Authors such as Frederik Pohl, Raymond E Feist, John Wyndham, H G Wells, John Christopher, Terry Pratchett and more framed his earlier experiences. Later, David Weber, John Ringo, Jack McDevitt, Chris Moriarty and John Scalzi percolated through his mind. The sharing of books and debating the virtues and vices of characters and worlds connected his social group.



He recently stopped teaching to write full time. Prior to teaching, he accumulated fifteen years experience working in the technology field. He has numerous IT qualifications as well as a Bachelor of Business (Economics and Marketing) and a Master of Teaching (Primary).