Print and EBook formatting

We use Vellum to give you beautiful results, every time. Plus, you get the Vellum file, so there is no lock-in!

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Formats you receive

  • Kobo

  • Google

  • Vellum

  • Print ready PDF

  • Kindle

  • Apple

  • Nook

Standard Package

Suitable for novels, novellas and chapter books. Get the result you want.

  • One screen-sharing session of up to 60 minutes. We format live with your input.

  • Up to 90, 000 words, 60 chapters

  • Print and ebook

Pricing: US $20, Australia $35, UK £18

Custom Package

Suitable for short stories, epic works or special needs. Contact and we can build a package to suit your needs.

Are You Ready?

You need a finished manuscript in Microsoft Word format. It is possible to re-import the text later, but significant changes will occur additional charges. Ebook versions need the finished art. The print version is for the internals only.


Hardcore Feedback

Hardcore Editing.jpg

The feedback you need

  • logic

  • dialogue

  • scene arc

  • Writing voice

  • Ugly sentences

  • clarity

  • repetition

Honest, Useful feedback

Have a chapter or a short story that needs feedback? Want R Max to go through it with an axe—and receive real, actionable feedback?

Use this to improve your craft. Often the same issues will occur over and over, so get the feedback and apply it yourself to improve your manuscript.

Pricing per 1000 words: US $4, Australia $6, UK £4
Feedback is provided through Microsoft Word by default. Google docs and Scrivener can be used if preferred.

Self-publishing advice


turbocharge your understanding

  • Where to sell your book

  • How to start marketing

  • Understanding the costs

  • The editing you need

  • How to source covers

  • Understand ISBNs

  • How to format your book

Advice without the sales pitch!

Whether you have a story, a biography or other precious work, publishing can seem daunting.

Cut through the online clutter and have a chat with R Max. Get the low down on how to proceed. Remember, there are no stupid questions.

He won’t try to sell you anything. Instead, he’ll listen to your goals and help you chart your direction.

Pricing 1/2 hour chat: US $15, Australia $20, UK £15
Pricing 1 hour chat: US $24, Australia $35, UK £24



"Robert is easy to work with and walked me through every step of the process."

— Tim Niederriter, Author of the Pillar Universe.