Nanowrimo and Armour

Hey folks, so Nanowrimo has started and that mean the episodes of Rebyrth are on hiatus. What am I working on? Well, I will reveal more once the first draft is complete. This is going to be a whopper, probably around 120, 000 or more words. I’m hoping to have a manuscript by the end of November and all the self-edits done by the end of this year. I believe 2019 will be my year of sequels. I have been putting a lot of thought into making sure I can capture the flavour of each series and expand the worlds whilst still keeping the characters fresh.

I the meantime, I am slowing working on making armour. To keep my mind fresh I put together a short video on making the links I use for maille.

Have a great November. Now it’s back to work for me.

- R Max

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