Sharing what you learn

I love to learn new things, though my scatterbrain tends to move me onto the next shiny concept before I’ve mastered the one before. Writing has helped me practise perseverance and it’s started spreading to other hobbies of mine. I believe I mentioned this previously, but humour me. For the past year I have been working a few types of armour. The one that has taken the longest and yet still isn’t complete is maille (aka chainmail).

I started with some research, going through a variety of webpages and youtube videos. Now, there is some good info out there, but a lot of it is out of date with broken links and poor resolution photos and videos. I figured that if I’ve put all this effort to learn what I’m doing (and I still have a lot more to comprehend), I should do my bit to help others. To that end, I have created several videos where I start with wire and go through to making sheets of maille. As well as that, I’ve started documenting my progress and missteps on instagram. You can find me at:

As part of that process I’ve learnt a little of Final Cut Pro and I’ve realised that I need to be more succinct when explaining. I’ve had a chance to play with my much improved phone camera and the odd filter or two. That’s an opportunity to create and a chance to share and maybe even help others. A win all round.

So next time your having a bit of fun with your hobby, perhaps think about how you could share what you’ve learnt. It doesn’t matter if one or one thousand people see it. Every time we share knowledge we make the world a better place.

- R Max Tillsley

Below is the first video (I think I shared this last time) and here is the channel link. I have four videos up so far.