The Steele Trap Cover Reveal!

Why Susie?

Susie Steele started off with the conviction that my daughter should have access to the fun stories that I enjoy. Action, adventure, mystery, magic, and high stakes. Stories about vets and ponies don’t grab everyone—though they can be great. I wanted Susie and her friends to take risks, make mistakes, and take responsibility.

Who is Susie for?

The Susie Steele Adventures: The Steele Trap is aimed at children from 9 to 12 years old, but with a story that adults and children alike can love. The girls are not relegated to side characters, and that’s something all children should experience.

But how will anyone know?

I searched round the world for a cover artist who could share the spirit of the story. The style needs to tell the reader that this book is for them. Was it fate that the answer to my story also happens to live in South Australia? Anthea Wright is a truly talented freelance artist. Working with her has been nothing but pure pleasure.


Imagine drums, brass instruments and a thousand dancers. Here we go. The big reveal. You’ve actually read the text above, right?

The Steele Trap Cover for web.jpg


"There are bad things in this world...

the stuff of nightmares.”

Scaring off nannies used to be Susie Steele's biggest challenge. But now she’s facing expulsion from Wallsley Academy, her dad is missing, and someone—or something—is following her.

With the help of her best friends, Daisy and Monika, Susie must uncover the truth behind her dad’s disappearance. And she had better figure it out fast.

The dead are coming, and time is running out.

When is it coming out?

The Steele Trap is due out in late June 2019.

Product Details

Title: The Steele Trap
Series: The Susie Steele Adventures, Book 1
Pages: 344
Print ISBN: 978-0-6481350-2-9
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-6481350-3-6
Publisher: Black Sky Books

About R Max Tillsley

R Max Tillsley grew up loving stories filled with adventure and monsters. Sadly, the mess on his bedroom floor never attracted a single tentacled beast—though a shark’s jaw once bit him. One day, he found himself sitting a Parisian cafe. Surrounded by a city full of famous art and beautiful buildings, he decided to write… about the undead. His fondest childhood memories are of watching Doctor Who on Saturday afternoons and David Attenborough documentaries on Saturday evenings. He lives in Australia with his wife, daughter, and two grumpy cats.

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