A Fair Question

Wow, Gumeracha Medieval Fair was full on. Come the end of Sunday, I was practically non-sensical, and my voice had utterly died come the next morning. What a fantastic experience, though. Such an honour to herald for the tourney.

In preparing for the event, I had to pause my writing work and focus on my armour. My body is slowly recovering (my balance has seemed a little funny) and it's time to look forwards.

Where do I start?

I have five projects on the go, and letting you know where they stand will help me analyse the best approach.

a) The Last Cruise Ship — new covers. Angie Arland has done a fantastic job on the covers (ebook, Ingram and Amazon). I'm going to be uploading the new versions shortly.

b) My Dad, The Assassin — book release. Anthea Wright: Concept Art, Illustration & Digital Media is putting together beautiful art for the cover. I'm really excited for this release, and will have a release date soon.

c) Rebyrth — Proof changes, cover selection. There's still a bit more work to square away this project, but the polishing it's receiving really makes me proud of the story. I'm very much needing to do more research on comparable books for that cover selection, and I'm running out of time to make a decision.

d) Replication — A science fiction short story. I'm not a short story writer, but it's worth taking on a challenge. I want to square this one away asap so I can get my head back into the other projects. It's been fun trying a new format.

e) MTTZ — a MDTA sequel. I'm eleven chapters in to this, but it'll take time to get my head back in the right space.

How do I juggle all of this?

My thinking: Get TLCS uploaded and into Kindle Select. Finish writing replication whenever MDTA and Rebyrth are being worked on by others. Get MDTA and Rebyrth out, and then back to MTTZ. Easy, right?

Robert Tillsley